Developing Social And Emotional Skills

For children and adolescents, play is a platform in which they learn about themselves and the world around them, develop their cognitive and motor skills as well as their relationships with others. As a person develops, play gives way to other important social skills such as social etiquette and conversation.

This how-to guide for developing social and emotional skills is for children who are able to play cooperatively with adults (taking turns, directing play as well as allowing an adult to direct play) and are showing an active interest in interacting with their peers.

This guide has also been translatedinto Vietnamese. Please click here to purchase the Vietnamese edition.

Developed by Genevieve Johnsson, Psychologist and Early Intervention Specialist, Aspect Building Blocks®, Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect). Edited by Marina Bailey and Jessica Degrassi, Psychologists and Early Intervention Specialists, Aspect Building Blocks.

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