Movie Club: A Social Skills Program

The Movie Club has been developed over several years as a social skills program for mainstream high school age students on the autism spectrum. It has been refined and reviewed by Aspect Educational Outreach Consultants in collaboration with mainstream school students and staff.

The Facilitators Guide includes comprehensive guidelines for the establishment and implementation of a ‘Movie Club’ with a group of students in a mainstream school or other setting.

The Guide provides support for teachers in how to structure a social skills program to meet the needs of a range of young people on the spectrum who might have already taken part in other social skills programs and need a new stimulus for their learning.

It provides photocopiable masters for teachers to produce student worksheets that build each week into a ‘Movie Club’ work book.

The ‘Movie Club’ was originally developed by Rebecca McMillan and was reviewed with the support of Kathie Lane, Aspect Educational Outreach Consultants.

Please note that the Movie Club program is not included in "How To" Guides bundle offers.