Shining A Light On The Autism Spectrum: Experiences And Aspirations Of Adults

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Debra Costley, Susanna Baldwin, Susan Bruck, Kaaren Haas, Kerry Ritzrow

A unique collaboration between Aspect researchers and adults on the autism spectrum, this revealing new book explores their experiences, aspirations and needs, in their own words.

In a world-first, this book presents data from Aspect’s 2013 We Belong study - a large-scale, nation-wide research study completed by adults on the autism spectrum and their parents - with the personal stories and case studies written by adults on the autism spectrum.

By combining the data with personal accounts, this book highlights the many and varied real-life challenges that are encountered by adults on the autism spectrum, as well as the skills, fortitude and good humour that they draw upon to deal with these challenges, and their accomplishments in the face of such challenges. It also gives voice to the key role of families in supporting these individuals on the autism spectrum well into their adult life.

In doing so, the book helps to dispel some or many of the myths, stereotypes and misinformation about adults on the autism spectrum, and conveys a realistic portrait of their colourful lives.

This is a valuable resource, presented in a way that is engaging and accessible for a wide range of readers.

At last, a book fully representing life with autism; a golden opportunity to access understanding of life as a non-intellectually disabled autistic, with unexplained ‘issues.’ This book is an overdue resource that will be your bible!”

Wenn B. Lawson, PhD, AFBPsS. MAPS., Psychologist, University of Birmingham

A must read for anyone wanting to gain greater understanding of how to best support individuals on the autism spectrum.”

Stephen M. Shore, Ed.D., internationally renowned professor of special education, author, consultant and individual on the autism spectrum 

“After reading this book we will be able to act less in the dark; as it is indeed Shining a Light on the Autism Spectrum.”

Dr. Torbjorn Falkmer, program director, Autism CRC; Professor of School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work, Curtin University

This book cannot be purchased directly through Aspect.

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